Ceramic sculptures and wall pieces that I have made, including some that have sold. Some are smoke fired, others feature gorgeous gold luster. And a few combine functionality with aesthetics.

Al Muqsit- The Just & Fair

Al Muqsit.full indoor AlJMuqsit.ceramcs clse AlMuqsit full AlMuqsit midl AlMuqsit ptrn AlMuqsit.clos AlMuqsit.full

Time Is Of The Essence

Wall sculptural clock. With underwater tones, like coral in a rock pool this clock reminds up of the limited time we have in saving our natural world. It is a reminder also of the need for us to use the time we have left to care for and help sustain the natural world especially our oceans and wildlife.
clock close clock face clock

clock.v.close clockclose

Love & Happiness

Two small wall pieces with Islamic geometry and Arabic inscription of the words meaning ‘love’ and ‘happiness’. These are part of my unglazed, once fired Eco ceramic range.

Wall.Piece-Love WallPece-love.clse WallPiece-Happiness.full WallPiece-Love.clos WallPiece-love WallPieceLove.full


IMG_1806 IMG_1807 IMG_1808 IMG_1811 IMG_1812


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