My name is Anashrita Henckel and I am a qualified artist, originally from the Caribbean. I now live and work in Oxford creating bespoke pieces of art jewellery for special occasions and for everyday flair.  Each piece is unique in its design and execution and  often reflects my love of colour, pattern and symbolism.  Many of the beads I handcraft from polymer clay, and both the wirework and metal smithing are executed to a high degree of finish and quality. 


lucy zamecnikova photography

I teach art and music to primary aged children as well as bringing up my own two lively boys to be well rounded, confident and contented young people. ( or as near to that as possible!) I hope that by sharing some of the techniques, ideas and creative processes that I do with the children this blog can become a useful resource for parents, teachers or anyone else needing ideas. For a visual look at some artwork done by children I teach, then do click on the gallery.

This blog is a way of sharing the art work I produce and exploring ideas pertaining to creativity and the creative process. I hope to post regularly to provide you with an occasional glimpse of me in my studio, to share some of my sketches and designs as well as tutorials, and creative ideas I find helpful with children. 
Most of the art work featured on this blog is my own original work, or the art work of my students. I will do my absolute best to clearly state any posts/images of other artist’s work and stress that on the odd occasion where I do mention, talk or post about another person’s work it is usually because it has been a source of great inspiration to me. If there are any problems with the use or posting of any images, links or U tube videos, then please do contact me and I will be happy to address the issue.

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  1. Thanks for the Follow and Like on my blog, Anashrita! You have some lovely images, words, and ideas. What a busy woman, with all that you do. I look forward to exploring more…

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