Black History Month-kids jewellery Workshop


Paper plane pendent

I ran an afternoon of jewellery workshops in John Henry Newman School (Littlemore,
Oxford), and I promised the children that I would post photos of their fantastic work.

I will also post a few tips for anyone hoping to do jewellery making with children. As well as how to roll your own paper bead.


Laminated collage medallion

Children cut out chosen parts of a leaflet and stuck them to a cardboard circle. They decorated it with fine pen and then laminated it (with adult supervision). It was strung onto cord as a necklace.


I love the choice of words on this one. Full of humour!


Football Fan Here!!

image-5 image-3

Paper plane pendent

Children made a paper plane out of scrap paper to practice, then made a mini one out of a small leaflet rectangle. They glued down the flaps, varnished it and punched the holes. It was then strung onto cord as a pendent.


Paper Freedom Beads

We made ‘Freedom Beads’ from paper. We wrote a short message or word like ‘LOVE ‘ or ‘FREEDOM’ inside the paper strips, then we rolled the strip into a bead and painted them with nail varnish to waterproof them.


Children made bracelets with their freedom beads & glass beads as presents for someone special.

All these pieces of jewelery were made from recycled leaflets/magazines and the jewellery materials were from PJ beads.
  • I prepared the strips of paper for the beads before the sessions, and bought glass filler beads and waxed cord for stringing, which I pre cut to bracelet/necklace size.
  • I also drew out (cereal box) card board circles which children could cut out and use as the base for their collage medallion.
Beading table: glue, paper strips/leaflets, paint brushes for glue, toothpick/kebab stick for rolling bead, stringing cord, ball point/sharpie pens, clear nail varnish.
Airoplane table: scissors, scrap paper, necklace cord, nail varnish, circle punch.
Collage Medallion table: leaflets, scissors, glue, cardboard circle, necklace cord, gold/silver/black pens, circle hole punch.
You need: Two/three arty adults-ideally! Laminator and pouches, leaflets, bead stash, example beads, bracelets, paper plane and collage medallion to show children, spare cord, adult scissors, example of trade/slave beads if linking it to Black History.
  • If you have boys and girls together in the class you will need to plan a choice of activities to accommodate for the less dexterous, and the macho lad! (I had a few football leaflets that came in handy!)
  • Having a few arty adults to take each activity is essential.
  • Create an Interactive White board presentation that gives children the history of Slave beads.
How to roll a paper bead 
How to varnish a paper bead
If your bead is too wide to fit onto the toothpick, then hold it between your fingers and varnish it, then after it has dried you can varnish the inside of the hole.

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