Rain forest mural painted by 60 Year 5 children

This mural is still in the process of completion. We have been working on it for four morning sessions, one afternoon session and a few snatched 20 minute sessions here and there over the last few days. I am going to post the photos of the actual progression of the mural here but if you would like to know how I approached the whole 7 week project then please read my later posts (coming up) which will guide you step by step through the whole progression of art lessons that build up to the actual planning and painting of the mural.

Please note that none of the drawing was done by myself or any other adult. The ideas, composition, subjects etc were completely from the children. (For the protection of the children I have not posted any photos of them working on the mural.)

Morning one: Drawing our planed design on the pre prepared wall using fat pencils.


Morning 2: Still spent an hour and a half drawing, then began to paint.
IMG_1308 IMG_1319
Afternoon session: continued painting. Concentrated on the large areas such as trees, big leaves etc.
IMG_1318 IMG_1317 IMG_1320
Morning 3: Worked on some main animals/birds. Gave existing painting some depth with rich deeper colours. Realized we needed more layers of background than we thought. Had to paint that on. (Bit of a set back!)
Snatched 40 minuted today: Worked on completing orchid, snake, forest floor and leaf litter, covering up horrible plug, more leaves on sapling, frogs, prayer plant leaves-bottom left corner. More background work too.
IMG_1334 IMG_1335
Lets take a look at that lovely orchid:  below is the work done today! Four children worked on the orchid.IMG_1315
What about that smashing toucan? Here’s how it progressed over the three days. About four children worked on the toucan.
Look at those adorable red eyed tree frogs hiding among the leaves. About 8 children worked on these.
IMG_1310 IMG_1340
Here’s that ‘strong upright’ sapling. I love the way the children observed that some tropical leaves have red and pink central veins.
IMG_1309 IMG_1341
This will be an evolving post as we work on and complete our mural. I hope you enjoy this work and do visit again for more in depth information about the processes, preparation and techniques for painting a mural with 60 children. (Contact me for any further advice on
materials, preparing the wall, etc.)
Have a look at some photos of the finished product here.

6 thoughts on “Rain forest mural painted by 60 Year 5 children

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  2. Wow! what a great project! and how marvelous it is looking! The detail is amazing! well done you and the children! I have recently descovered your blog and very much enjoy the topics. I look forward to reading more of your past and future posts. P.S I also adore your jewelery creations you are fabulously creative and thank you for putting action to your gifts and sharing them with us 🙂 x

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. I just love when someone drops by and leaves a message as it reminds me that there are people out there who appreciate the work I do. You’ve really brightened up my day!!! x

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