Wearable art jewellery for a special occasion

I sat together with the lady that commissioned me and we designed 7 different necklaces. Each one was individually designed to fit the look and character of its wearer. I did some very brief drawings of each one explaining what they would look like and brought along some samples to show her.

Each flower is hand sculpted out of polymer clay, as well as some tiny buds. They are then wire worked together with Swarovski crystals, pearls, or semi precious stones onto gold plated or precious metal chain.

Three weeks later, and after many late nights I have some better photos to share of some of the wearable art jewellery.

brds md smple ncklce brds md vntj brass brdsmd gld ncklace brides md ncklce flw brides md vntj bridsmd ncklace bridsmd ncklce

I am still working on the hardest piece of all, a broach in sterling silver and along the same design lines as these necklaces. But I’m still in the making process and will post photos of the broach once it is completed.


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