Carpe Diem

People have often asked me at craft fairs and events why I have absolutely no men’s art jewellery on offer and to be honest I’ve had absolutely no answer for them. The fact is that it never crossed my mind to make jewellery for men. My father has never worn jewellery, nor does my husband so I just didn’t consider it.

Having decided that I would make a start on my men’s jewellery range I did a little research on ‘art jewellery men’ only to discover that there isn’t much out there at all. The only place of quality and interest was here but you’d have to have between $150-500 pocket money to get one of these crocodile cuffs. So apart from a few well made, art jewellery cuff links, or horrifically expensive designer men’s jewellery it was all rather uninspiring.

So I have made a start to my men’s collection beginning with the handsome and fiery shades of copper and then in gold plated wire and lastly in genuine, python snake skin.

men cu pendent sculpture

A heavy wire sculpture on the chest. Eight has great significance as a symbol and if turned upon its side represents infinity whilst turned straight, symbolizes the finite. This symbol can therefore represent the interplay between the finite and the infinite within man and can be a reminder of this when hanging on the chest.

men bracelet cu black

Copper wire shapes intersperse between hematite barrels to form this male bracelet. It would look great paired with a chunky watch; a casual-black-graphic t-shirt and jeans.

men's carpe diem men's carpe diem bracelet

This wrist band has the words Carpe Diem, latin for ‘Pluck the day’ or ‘Seize the day’. This is a famous phrase which is part of a longer saying which advises us to ‘pluck the day, with as little concern for the future’, in other words seize the moment and use it now rather than wait for later-which may never come.

men live now pendent

A fiery copper pendent with watch-part gears riveted to the lower part and the words ‘live now’ above. This is a heavily textured and patinated piece with lots of symbolic meaning that emerges the more you look at it. The watch gears are a reminder of the passage of time, which links nicely with the statement ‘live now’. The piece will antique further with wear and so changes itself,over time.

men gold cuff link

Sculpted, gold plated wire squiggle cuff links. These sit beautifully on the shirt cuff and would add a rich subtle shimmer of class to any suit.

mens python snake skin cuff lnks

Quirky and unique, these genuine python skin cuff links would be a fantastic gift for any jewellery hating man.

If you have any helpful comments, please feel free to drop me a line. Feedback is always much appreciated.


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