Recycled Python Skin Cuff Links

These cuff links are hand sewn, black, python skin with a felt backing. The skin was used to make a designer bag or belt, then discarded and found it’s way to Orinoco in Oxfordshire. I rescued it from Orinoco and then began researching what kind of skin it was. How excited I was when I discovered that I had saved the remnants of some genuine black, python snake skin, and there is enough to make quite a few pieces of wearable art.

Here are the cuff links in python skin, with felt, brass rivets, and gold plated link.

mens python snake skin cuff lnks

men python snake skin cuff lnk

men python snake skin cuff lnk.

The skin was surprisingly easy to sew and rivet, it has a strong leathery smell and varying sizes and shapes of scales. The upper surface is very shiny and the under side is mat, slightly suede like but not particularly soft as some leathers are. The scales show through on the under side and the skin is fairly thin so I feel it needs to have a metal or fabric backing to keep it firm.

These Cuff links are on sale in my face book shop here.

Here are some other python skin, designer items that I came across.



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