What to do with junk mail…Junkcycle

First I see if there’s a prepaid return envelope that comes with it. You know those Virgin/Sky offers that come through the post addressed The occupier, or Mrs so an’ so has an exclusive offer for such an’ such…(even though every one in the neighborhood has also got that same ‘exclusive’ offer) Well sometimes they give you a prepaid envelope (usually 2nd class) which you can promptly stuff with all their paper waste and return second class back to them so they can recycle their own crap!

If there’s no prepaid envelope then you must be a little more creative…here’s some examples of what I do with my junk mail.

Junk mail necklace. Flair-Creations.

sterling sliver and paper earrings

Here’s a happy customer wearing these sterling silver and junk mail paper dangles just after she bought them from me at the Green fair, Oxford. They looked marvelous on her I thought, its just so great when people buy things that really suit them.

paper dangles-happy customer

You can give the paper waste to your children to make all manner of interesting things ranging from collage, beads, patchwork pictures, paper hats, and so so much more. My two boys and I spent the best part of four hours happily playing with my large collection of junk mail. I was completing the beads for the crazy necklace above while they made a crown, a gun and more. IMG_0396junk mail

A junk mail gun made by my eldest boy and a football crown made by the little one.

Here are some other amazing artists and fashion designers that work with junk mail.

Junk Mail Fan Dress

The Revision Table from Artists for Humanity in Boston

The Revision Table made by artists in Boston called Artists for Humanity. Here theuy used old magazines and junk-mail to make this intriguing table.’ I found this in art-iculture and it is worth a visit if you are interested in this topic.

I also love the work of Aurora Robson, an artists that makes amazing sculptures out of junk as well as junk mail collages.

So if like me, you actually secretly look forward to your next delivery of junk mail because you know that you’re just waiting for that special colour to finish off your junkcycled art then do drop me a message, reblog this article or send me some photos on my face book page.


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