A busy weekend.

I have been building up to this week end for the last few months and finally it is over. I can rest now and bask in the remembrance of all those wonderful compliments, comments and connections I have received and made.

Most of my artwork is created in solitude at the dead of night when the house sleeps and time slows down a little. So when I emerge into a huge open space surrounded by other fellow artists and crafters the sense is of awakening from a surreal dream of personal thought, creativity and rush of ideas into a fresh and exciting reality.

Huge fairs like the Green fair in Oxford that I attended on Saturday are a fantastic place to expose one’s creativity to an audience so varied and unique that it leaves you spinning and contented at the same time. I spend so long in my own head, at home with the thoughts, creative processes and ideas about my own work which never get questioned until the work is seen by an audience.

Although absolutely exhausted I feel a satisfying sense of calm after weeks of building up stock, counting immeasurable amounts of tiny beads, testing glaze recipes and sketching in lunch breaks at work. It is over for a while and it feels good!

Here are some pictures of my stall at the fairs on Saturday and Sunday in Oxford.Flair Creations at the Green fair Oxford

Flair Creations at the Green fair Oxford

Flair Creations at the Green fair Oxford


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