Ceramic art jewellery-a process completed.

I previously posted photos of some ceramic pendents that I’d been working on. Finally they are out of the kiln having been bisqued as well as glazed fired. Here’s a reminder of what they looked like.

Below are the finished pieces of wearable art.

Ceramic bib necklace

Islamic patterned ceramic bib necklace

The creative process involved in making ceramics is such an exciting one. There’s an exhilarating balance between executing a pre planned idea and the natural instinct to ‘play’ with the raw clay. Then you have the unpredictable process of glazing, on the one hand you can follow a glaze recipe to the exact gram but its impossible to anticipate exactly what will happen in the kiln.

These two pieces are different in process and in planning. The first one features the simple process of imprinting Chinese transfers (cobalt oxide) onto the clay surface, whilst the second uses a planned and detailed process involving intricate hand made patterns embossed/pressed into the clay.


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