For Africa lovers

A recent commission I have been asked to do is to make a 3.5 by 3.5 cm pendent of Africa in either copper or brass. Here are the first mock ups to explore the textures on the different metals and to make sure I don’t saw off any important real estate along Africa’s coast line.

Africa pendent in brass


Africa pendent in copper


Copper and Brass Africa pendents


The copper pendent has been embossed with a classic Islamic pattern and the brass one  with very thin lace. I love the brass one (left) as it resembles snake skin which reminds me of Africa.


2 thoughts on “For Africa lovers

    • Hi, thank you for the compliment. Yes I do sell them, these were in fact a commission but I have the brass snakeskin one still available as the person they were for chose to buy the copper Islamic patterned one.

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