Recent commission.

Just a quick post of what I’ve been up to recently. A customer who bought a pair of beaded Egyptian style earrings from me at a craft fair contacted me asking if I could make her a matching necklace so that she could wear them to a wedding. I had two nights to complete the piece and here’s what I came up with.Image

Luckily I remembered the earrings that she bought from me previously other wise it would have been difficult.


The gold leaves at the end really stand out and catch the light beautifully.


She was happy with her necklace when she picked it up and I was satisfied with my job even though it took a couple of late nights to finish it. Just proves how useful business cards are, so I’m glad I got mine done finally.


4 thoughts on “Recent commission.

    • I think you’re right there. I’m still acquiring the skill of picking the right clothes to set off a piece of jewellery. I recently tested these skills in the first ever look book I put together. Its a real art-I had no idea.

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