Doodle trouser leg tutorial-give characterless trousers a doodle-over.

One pair boring trousers

My pair of characterless trousers.

Here is a picture of my boring trousers, so dull I didn’t bother to get them in their full, uninteresting glory. Next I got hold of some fabric pens, an iron, some scrap paper/news paper, and a tea towel/cotton cloth.

Fabric pens

I then found some inspiration, I used William de Morgan and some Turkish tile floral motifs.

William de Morgan

My William de Morgan inspiration.

Turkish tile inspiration

Turkish floral tile inspiration.

Before I begun the doodle I placed a bit of paper between the fabric of the trousers so that the pen ink would not seep through one part of the leg onto the bit of the leg below. I then started my doodle at the top of the leg around the waist and worked my way down. I was careful to make sure flowers ‘grew’ in every direction and when I got to the bottom of my leg I had more flowers growing up the leg to bring the observer’s eye back up the leg again.

Drawing a flower in black first

I drew the flowers and leaves in black first.

More of the leg completed

More flowers, couldn’t resist colouring in as I went.

Close up-my favourate

My favorite flower.

Once I had finished all the doodle I wanted on the trousers, I lay the cotton cloth over the doodled trouser leg and set the iron on hottest setting and ironed over the cotton cloth and trouser leg for 2 minutes to set the fabric pen permanently. Keep moving the iron around so as not too burn any where.

Iron on fabric pen

I ironed over a cotton cloth on hottest setting.

And now the ‘tadaaa’ moment…the finished article.

The doodle trousers

Here they are, on.

Doodle trouser leg up close

Here is a close up view of the doodle leg

Hanging up view.

Cheeky detail on the opposite back pocket.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and have seen how easy it can be to make your tired clothes into real unique statements items. Other ideas you could try is just doing a design at the bottom of trousers, down the button area of a shirt, or a little decoration on the collar, on a plain neck tie (careful with the hot iron on silk!), or a handkerchief (if any one still uses them), on your kid’s clothes, the possibilities are endless.


8 thoughts on “Doodle trouser leg tutorial-give characterless trousers a doodle-over.

    • Mmmmmm, would look great on denim, you can get paint too and I love the gold paint because you can make a stencil and then sponge the gold through the stencil. I did it to a black shirt-looked really cool.

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