From junk to funk.

One of my personal challenges is to create art from abandoned, unused or rubbished items. There are many people who work with junk and often their final work still looks a bit like manipulated junk after, so my aim is to transform pieces of rubbish into something valuable and desirable.

I will be showing the steps I used to transform a 2012 Olympic coke can into some funky wearable art.


This is what I started with, two large and two small cut out sections of my coke cans, which I then arranged into positions that could potentially make a wearable piece of jewellery. I then began to plan a ways of making these flimsy pieces of aluminum into a strong, but eco friendly piece.


I quite liked the curve on them at this point as it gave them movement and so echoes the movement of the athletes. However, because I decided to rivet them it would prove much harder to rivet on a curve instead of a flat surface.


I decide to frame the aluminum circles with a copper backing circle and a copper circular frame on the top and rivet them together. Here I am cutting out the copper circles using a piercing saw.


Heres one of the circles framed and riveted and you can see the other one still has to be finished. ‘B’ stands for back so that I new which piece was having the circle cut out of it and which one was to be the backing sheet. It was quite important to make sure I positioned the rivets in a aesthetically pleasing way which meant I had to plan ahead to actually make sure I knew how these were going to turn out. I still wasn’t sure if i was going to make these into earrings or into a long pendant so I left some rivets out just in case I needed the hole to attach a jump ring to.


Here was the pendent option I was considering. However I decided against it because the earring design felt stronger and more wearable. All i then had to do was rivet the smaller aluminum circles onto the smaller copper circles, drill two holes in each one and attach with jump rings.


Heres the front and back view before sanding and polishing.


Here’s a photo of the finished article.


Being from Trinidad myself and being so proud of us winning a medal at the 2012 Olympic games I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of them on our national flag.


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