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I recently took a leap of faith and asked a professional, free-lance photographer to organize a photo shoot   to help me create my wearable art look book. This also included a make up artist who would work her magic on my face. I sat and had my make up done for an hour and a half and having been lulled almost to sleep with those soft squirrel brushes was then given a mirror to see the transformation…I was shocked- in a good way. Staring back at me was a long lashed, sultry eyed face that I barely recognized.


As you can see, the make up artist was extremely talented and managed to cover up spots flawlessly. The jewellery is also in fantastically high resolution so when you view it in close up every detail is crystal clear. You are probably thinking, well this should be expected from a professional photographer. And you are right, its just that I personally cant get over the difference between my pretty good photographs on my Canon S100 and the SLR camera Lucie, the photographer used.

For anyone wondering exactly what a look book is, (I did at first) well its a book that shows off a collection of jewellery or clothes by a particular designer. However it doesn’t just show pretty pictures of the products themselves, but also features models wearing the collection as the designer intended the pieces to be worn. The look book gives potential customers a sense of the atmosphere, looks and feel of the collection, and the next page is a perfect example of this.


This one is really great because gives you a sense of the exotic feel of the jewellery. The Moroccan screen in the background enhances the Islamic patterns in the pieces and the wood echoes the lovely tiger’s eye gemstone set in the ring.


I often have to photograph myself wearing my jewellery and usually I do quite a good job. In fact I did so well that I even managed to fool a photographer into thinking that someone else took the photos on my web site. However long necklaces such as this wire work one featured here are impossible to photograph on yourself.

All in all I am very happy with the parts of the look book here and cant wait to put the whole book on my web site.

Do keep an eye out at for my full look book and I hope you enjoyed the preview.

The photographer I used was and I am very pleased with the results.


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