My yellow box of goodies.

I am returning to my old ways and find myself getting out my old yellow lidded box again. The slightly chemically smell wafts up to my nostrils and brings back memories of past creations. I re discover some old half baked ideas, left abandoned in a corner. They are misshapen, dull and uninspired… what was I thinking when I made them? Must have been a moment where I disconnected with my Muse I think to myself.


Then it happens, like a puppet on a string my fingers squeeze, push, roll and pinch as the ideas begin to flow. One after another the polymer clay slabs are transformed into beautiful flowers, buds and leaves and I think to myself you can’t stop now, you’ve got a good thing going…then….


That’s it, the moment is lost as I turn the corner to my children’s room to change the wet sheets and pajamas of a grumpy boy – a far cry to a couple of moments earlier. These treasured moments which happen so rarely are almost sacred, treasured by artists the world over.

polymer clay flowers

delicate flowers

special occasion bracelet

Floral earrings

If you have a place or an item that has brought about an inspired moment of creativity then please share as I would love to hear about it. Or if you would like to simply share your view then please feel free.


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